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    Slack Adjuster-USA Type,slack Adjuster N1010A(Manual)

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    Product Description:

    1)The manual slack adjuster for heavy-duty trucks and trailers applied for USA type
    2)OE numbers and some big companies` numbers are recognizable
    3)Factory Number: N1010A
    4)Minimun order quantity:500 pcs
    5)Delivery Time: 35 days
    with TUV:TS16949 certificated







    Manual Slack Adjuster Information

    In an s-cam type foundation brake, the final link between the pneumatic system and the foundation brake is the slack adjuster. The arm of the slack adjuster is fastened to the push rod of the chamber with a yoke, and the slack adjuster spline is installed on the brake cam shaft.
    Primarily, the slack adjuster is a lever, converting the linear force of the air chamber push rod into a torque which turns the brake cam shaft and applies the brakes.
    Standard slack adjusters contain four basic components;the body, worm, gear and adjusting screw. The adjusting screw is provided to adjust the slack caused by the wear of the brake lining.
    All slack adjusters utilize the worm and gear principle and,fundamentally, differ only in torque limit specifications; A type 20 slack adjuster has a limit of 20,000 inch pounds torque, a type 30 slack adjuster has a limit of 30,000 inch pounds torque, etc.
    Slack adjusters are manufactured with various arm lengths and various configurations; straight, offset, etc. to satisfy various installation requirements. Splines are available in several different types and sizes.



    Every month, 8000 miles or 300 operating hours; check push rod travel. Stroke should be short as possible without brakes dragging or chamber rod binding. Adjust if necessary.
    Every six months, 500,000 miles or 1800 operating hours;lubricate slack adjuster with chassis lube N.L.G.I. grade 1 or 2. Apply a sufficient amount of grease to completely fill body cavity.



    When replacing one type of slack adjuster with another type,it is necessary to match or exceed the torque rating and match the arm length, yoke pin diameter, offset spline diameter and width. It is also necessary to make certain that there is adequate clearance at release and full stroke. 









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